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Our team is made up of young, dynamic people who specialize in various fields related with aviation law, compensation, debt recovery and travel industry. It helps us to move smoothly in services we provide.That’s why our clients’ problems are easy for us to understand and to fix.

Our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction in the sense of being treated professionally, quickly and – what’s the most important – effectively.

Therefore, we charge our clients only if compensation is paid, otherwise the client will not bear any costs.

Do not hesitate to contact us and check whether You are entitled to get compensation for delayed flight which happened during your dream holiday or business trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long do I have to submit a claim?

According to Polish law you can apply for compensation for 1 year back. Therefore, it’s worth writing to us immediately and not wait until your money is lost.

What are the costs of your work?

We offer you the most competitive commission on the market , maintaining professionalism and highest standards of customer service. In case of success (getting compensation from airlines) we charge 21% of the enforced compensation. Let us remind you one more time – the fee is charged only in the case of obtaining compensation.

How long does the procedure of compensation recovery take?

The procedure lasts approximately few weks. However, in more difficult cases, the process may take longer.

Does the compensation procedure also apply to charter flights?

Yes, the legal regulations clearly state that entitled for compensation for a delayed flights are passangers from all airlines. No matter where you fly and which airline, remember that you should get compensation for the delay!

Who can apply for compensation in case of a business trip?

According to the legal regulations, the compensation is due to the passenger, not the person or entity who orders tickets. When You are on a business trip and the flight is delayed, it is You who is waiting for the plane, so the compensation should be Yours.